I know I haven't posted to my blog for a while. Again, life is just crazy right now raising these four kids. I see lots of other women out there that seem to have way better time management skills and organizational talents than I and are also in shape, have spotless homes, cook dinner every night and their kids are happy and doing well in school and they still seem to have time to bust out cuteness. Well, I feel like I barely get to the end of the day without uttering a few earnest prayers under my breath. "Please let me make it through this day and still be sane by bedtime!" LOL! K, It's not that bad...but really, I miss the creative me that had time to design and create and now I am devoted (happily too) to my family. There will be time later for that...right now, the time is so fleeting and so precious I just want to enjoy every minute and the only way I know how to do that is to put some of the tings I want to do on the shelf for a bit. But I will be back and I still do a few things here and there. I still sew and craft and like to throw parties... 

Speaking of crafting, there are a few things one must always have on hand for any type of craft. And I mean from pillow making, to wreaths, to scrapbooking and card making to packaging cute treats to give away. I am referring to buttons. I love LOVE buttons. I collect them cause I think they are one of those staples to have around. It completes most projects. I wanted to share an online store that has the cutest and biggest variety of buttons I have ever seen! And they are so reasonably priced! You can easily fill up your cart with all the different kinds. These are the ones I chose...aren't they fab!!!? I am using the peppermint ones as a tag topper on my Christmas treats for neighbors and the wood ones I adorn cards, make hair pins for my girls and I even have plans for the flower one to become a ring! I wish I had the projects complete before posting, but I had to share this find with you! Go take a look...I hope you will be as excited as I was. 

Oh and the store...it's called "Lots of Buttons". Cute and perfect name for a button store, huh?  Click on the image below to go there.

Have fun!!!


A New Design and New Ideas

yep! i am still here. barely hanging onto the small bit of me that still has time to craft, and scrapbook and create. the part of me that gets little sleep but dreams of the time when more of myself can be devoted to being busy making fun little creative things. oh, i am busily creating still, with four children, i am creating memories, shaping minds and giving love. my head is always a spinnin' though. and with school starting and all my kids off playing i thought it now a perfect time to get one of the things done on my ever growing crafty to do list. up date my design blog. check.

i designed digital scrapbook kits for a while and still have those delicious goodies in my shop, but i wanted a place where i could share ideas and show case creations. and so, i have evolved my blog into not just being a vehicle for my scrapbooking, but for all things my creative and busy little mind {and heart} want to share. i hope you like it. i hope you can find something here to inspire you. thanks for sticking with me (my blogger friends, followers and customers). u make my day.

oh, i have a year worth of projects and designs to share. but let me start slowly and post one of my favorite parties i helped host with one my gal pals. all the rage these summer soirees. when life hands you lemons, make lemonade right? who doesn't have a trial they aren't going through. the trick is though, to make the best of it, realize what you can learn from it, count your blessings and make some sweet lemonade.

it was a perfect night, a lovely setting and the best company ever!


Showers and Flowers

Bringing this out of the shop for you to snatch up for free - - for a limited time only. In celebration of spring...or in our case here in Utah...begging it to come. It has been snowing like crazy here! Where are you spring? will you come out please?

I actually miss the April showers only because I know the promise of spring bliss will soon follow. Thanks for stoppin' by and just click on the image to get this yummy kit!


Not gone...just busy!

So I bet you all think I have just disappeared? Well, I kind of have! I quit designing full time last year because I wanted to spend my time with my four sweeties and wonderful hubby. It was a good choice and they keep me extremely busy - but I LOVE IT!!! Time goes so fast and I only have them for a short time, so I want to savor it. But....once in a while I get an itch to design and a friend of mine just opened her store, grey avenue, so I was inspired to make a mini kit just for her grand opening. She makes super cute headbands and fabric hairpieces...you need to go take a look! Anyway...I hope you enjoy the mini kit below and that life has been good for you and continues to be just as good. Thanks to all my super sweet fans, customers and supporters...and if you 're new to my site - take a look around and grab up all the other goodies I have available! Have a happy day and don't forget to grab the freebie below (just click on images). Thanks for stoppin' by!

One of my favs!

Click to go download...



Giveaway and a FREEBIE!

Have I gotta a lot for you today!!! You'll be glad you stopped by! I have a fabulous new freebie mini kit - though who's calling it a mini? It is loaded! 3 plain papers, 6 patterned papers, 2 date tabs, 2 journal tabs, 3 flowers, 3 ribbons, 1 frame, 3 buttons, 1 rub on, and 1 cute little bird (not all shown in preview). I love the colors...they remind me kind of like Tiffany's boxes but mostly a dark, cool summer evening right before the sun sets completely. My favorite time. The kids are snuggled with kisses in bed, it's quiet - my time and in this mid-summer heat - - well it is cool and finally comfortable. Just click on the image and grab it. Now onto some other exciting news. I am now selling on etsy with my best friend and sis Kelley. Some of you may remember she started this site with me two years ago and designed for a while before becoming an up and coming photographer. Well, our creative passions run deep and she opened a shop asking me to hop on board...so I did. One of her friends has a giveaway she is doing for us - so please hop on over and enter to win (click here). And click on our sugarpop logo below to go take a peek at our new shop. Lots of fab finds! Next week we are being featured on give away todays blog. I will post it when its the day, so check back often. Okay, lots for you to do now - grab the freebie kit above and then go check out these sites! Have fun!!!


Love this QP and Sale Time

Two of my favorite things...QP's and sales. I mean really...you can't get any better than this. I am giving you this lovely QP and along with it a sale! Just click to the right (or here) to go to my store. It is buy two get one free...(of equal or lesser value). You know how it works... so buy two kits of choice by adding to cart and paying through paypal...then just attach a note in paypal or send me a quick email telling me the kit you want for free. I'll send you the links and yeah, hooray...a free kit! My dd (#2) is turning six in a week. So this sale will go till May 23 (midnight). Hope you can find some sweet treats. Go take a look and have a great week! (Click on preview for download.) Thanks for stoppin' by!