Graduation Quick Page Freebie

If you keep up on our blog then you know that I am a busy and happy mother of four beautiful children. I am blessed enough to be able to stay at home with them and have many choice experiences too...the only sad thing for me is that it seems you wake up and the world has changed and your children grow up. As a mother I believe you are the apple of your children's eye..especially when they are so dependent on you for almost everything. As they grow and mature I feel like I am slowly losing my place on that pedestal of awe to television figures, storybook heroes, idolized teachers, friends...need I go on. Okay, so I am a little weepy after watching my second born graduate from preschool today. Thus the inspired quick page for those graduates out there. Congrats to them all, but to the mothers they "leave" behind and those precious moments we - as their protectors of dreams and childhood adventures, wish above all else is that we could just hold them and cherish each moment with them always...that graduation day comes too soon. I know it is just preschool (LOL) but there are many "graduations" your kids take in life and each represent growth and advancement, but also a reminder that we can only have our children a short time - - so enjoy them, live in the moment, have no regrets! Wow, thanks for reading my little mini-novel here... I just can't believe how time just goes. I did an example above of another way you can use this page, for the birth of a baby or a dance even...this is a picture of my newest little girl who is already four months old. Okay, okay I better stop before it is a full out tear bath here! Enjoy your weekend and don't forget to come back Monday morning for more freebies and the newsletter!

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Maria said...

Thank you! Your blog post will be advertised on the DigiFree Digital Scrapbooking Freebie search engine today.

Jody said...

That is such a precious photo of your baby. I love it. Yes, enjoy your children while you are able - the years do fly by.I can't believe our eldest is 48 years old! Where did the years go!

Melissa said...

The photo of your daughter is absolutely beautiful! I'm sure it's a treasured photo. Thanks for sharing the quick page.