Bragbook Pack #4 Freebie

Yesterday was one of those days. I know we've all had them, you know the days where it seems you just can't get a break and everything just won't go your way. Well, I had one. To spare you the details...my kids all need to go have their hearing checked (the five month old is excluded from this ranting) but the other three...well, I just wonder if those beautiful ears of theirs work. For some reason I couldn't get them to listen to anything I wanted them to do...so we are not going to the zoo like we planned. (I hate having to follow through on threats.) I locked the keys in my car, dropped a bottle of canned peaches all over my pantry, my water heater broke and I did this freebie twice (my son unplugged the computer before I could save the first time). Thanks for letting me get all that out -sorry if I bored you. I do really love my children and my life in general...okay, the real reason you came here- FREEBIES!!! Thank you soooo much for the love and comments we have received. It has been great to hear from you and helpful to a SAHM that my "hobby" is appreciated by you! It makes my day to be able to do something I love and then to share it and receive the advice, comments and appreciation! Thank you and enjoy this fourth freebie pack. If you have missed the others, go to our kit and freebie page to grab em'. And folks...my 4shared is gettin' quite full, so if you want the earlier freebies, go get them soon as I will be deleting our earliest ones to make room for more delicious goodies comin' your way! Have a fabulous day and remember to enjoy (and scrap) every minute of your wonderful life!

Click on the image to get this bragbook freebie.


Lizzerd said...

hope you take your camera with you to the hearing doc ... what precious photos those would be!!
Thanks for today's really pretty BB pages! "ya dun gud, gurl!!"

Heather said...

you do awesome work. thank you so much for taking time to make these for us!

Melissa said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely brag book pages!

I hope that today has been MUCH better for you.

LaaLaa said...

thank you for sharing this brag book: it's fab!