A few things for this week...

Okay ladies (and gentlemen) I am exhausted!!! I work on digi stuff when my kids are in bed and with our vacation this past week...I am not gettin' any sleep. I am not finished with my Monday kit :( I am sad! But I will have it for tomorrow, so please come back then. I was trying so hard, but falling asleep at the keys...and trust me you want the best, so I need to do it when I am coherent. Anyway, check out my "news" for this week and have a great day! Also, I mentioned this last week, but my 4shared is reaching its max and I need to get rid of some of my old freebies, so if you haven't grabbed them, go get them now. Thanks so much for the support and visiting. I love the comments and advice I am receiving! Take care and come back soon!
We love Sweet Shoppe and I just got this beauty there Saturday. Check it out here.

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Beth said...

I'm pretty new to the digital scrapbooking world. I came across your link via a freebie search. This is a great site. You and your sister due quality work! Thanks for sharing it with us!