Template questions

Hey all! I have had a lot of questions about how to use templates. I am an MDIP user and the poster of all those lessons. I am posting a new lesson Thursday on how I use my (and others) templates. If you want to learn how come take a look. I will use this weeks template as my example. If you use PS I will have my sis Kell post a similar lesson, though you may get tips from my lesson. And always, if you have questions on how to do something, please ask...if we don't know the answer we'll find somewhere that does! Thanks for the comments and questions, we love them! Oh, and for those wondering about Kelley's cat from an earlier post...we think he will make it, though most cats that this happens to end up dying. He is a tough kitty! Thanks for the best wishes!!! Much appreciated!


Lisa said...

Looking forward to the tuts. So glad to hear the kitty is going to be okay!

ktgrace said...

i am new to the digiscrap world...and i too have been wondering how to use your great templates. I use paint shop and would love info on how to use them. You all are so talented...thanks for the great kits and templates! I just recommended your site to a couple of friends!!