Number Book

I have had so many emails about a number book to go along with my ABC and color book for sale and my freebie shape book. So here it is finally - sorry for the wait! Just click on the image to go to my store. My new store at SM is 30% off this week only, so go take a look! Have a great day and enjoy...btw I would love any pics you have of your darling kids enjoying these books...I would like some to add to the previews of the books in the store. You can just email them to me if you want to be included. Thanks!


Rachel said...

I just found you this weekend - from the ScrapMatters blog - and I am so excited about these books. I am in the process of putting together a quiet book for my little daughter and these pages will be great. Thank you!

Jenna Marie said...

I love these so much! Thanks for the number book to go along with the others! I'm giving these to my friends' daughters for Christmas (As well as my son of course). They will love them in Church! Thanks so much!

Cara said...

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!!!!! I am so glad that you did this and I can't wait to get it done for my kids.