Giveaway and a FREEBIE!

Have I gotta a lot for you today!!! You'll be glad you stopped by! I have a fabulous new freebie mini kit - though who's calling it a mini? It is loaded! 3 plain papers, 6 patterned papers, 2 date tabs, 2 journal tabs, 3 flowers, 3 ribbons, 1 frame, 3 buttons, 1 rub on, and 1 cute little bird (not all shown in preview). I love the colors...they remind me kind of like Tiffany's boxes but mostly a dark, cool summer evening right before the sun sets completely. My favorite time. The kids are snuggled with kisses in bed, it's quiet - my time and in this mid-summer heat - - well it is cool and finally comfortable. Just click on the image and grab it. Now onto some other exciting news. I am now selling on etsy with my best friend and sis Kelley. Some of you may remember she started this site with me two years ago and designed for a while before becoming an up and coming photographer. Well, our creative passions run deep and she opened a shop asking me to hop on board...so I did. One of her friends has a giveaway she is doing for us - so please hop on over and enter to win (click here). And click on our sugarpop logo below to go take a peek at our new shop. Lots of fab finds! Next week we are being featured on give away todays blog. I will post it when its the day, so check back often. Okay, lots for you to do now - grab the freebie kit above and then go check out these sites! Have fun!!!


Sue said...

Lovely kit! Thank you very much! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the color choice. Thank you!