A New Design and New Ideas

yep! i am still here. barely hanging onto the small bit of me that still has time to craft, and scrapbook and create. the part of me that gets little sleep but dreams of the time when more of myself can be devoted to being busy making fun little creative things. oh, i am busily creating still, with four children, i am creating memories, shaping minds and giving love. my head is always a spinnin' though. and with school starting and all my kids off playing i thought it now a perfect time to get one of the things done on my ever growing crafty to do list. up date my design blog. check.

i designed digital scrapbook kits for a while and still have those delicious goodies in my shop, but i wanted a place where i could share ideas and show case creations. and so, i have evolved my blog into not just being a vehicle for my scrapbooking, but for all things my creative and busy little mind {and heart} want to share. i hope you like it. i hope you can find something here to inspire you. thanks for sticking with me (my blogger friends, followers and customers). u make my day.

oh, i have a year worth of projects and designs to share. but let me start slowly and post one of my favorite parties i helped host with one my gal pals. all the rage these summer soirees. when life hands you lemons, make lemonade right? who doesn't have a trial they aren't going through. the trick is though, to make the best of it, realize what you can learn from it, count your blessings and make some sweet lemonade.

it was a perfect night, a lovely setting and the best company ever!

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Love your photos it was fun seeing those yellow lovely colors with lemon on it. I like your design you've came up with such a great idea.