I know I haven't posted to my blog for a while. Again, life is just crazy right now raising these four kids. I see lots of other women out there that seem to have way better time management skills and organizational talents than I and are also in shape, have spotless homes, cook dinner every night and their kids are happy and doing well in school and they still seem to have time to bust out cuteness. Well, I feel like I barely get to the end of the day without uttering a few earnest prayers under my breath. "Please let me make it through this day and still be sane by bedtime!" LOL! K, It's not that bad...but really, I miss the creative me that had time to design and create and now I am devoted (happily too) to my family. There will be time later for that...right now, the time is so fleeting and so precious I just want to enjoy every minute and the only way I know how to do that is to put some of the tings I want to do on the shelf for a bit. But I will be back and I still do a few things here and there. I still sew and craft and like to throw parties... 

Speaking of crafting, there are a few things one must always have on hand for any type of craft. And I mean from pillow making, to wreaths, to scrapbooking and card making to packaging cute treats to give away. I am referring to buttons. I love LOVE buttons. I collect them cause I think they are one of those staples to have around. It completes most projects. I wanted to share an online store that has the cutest and biggest variety of buttons I have ever seen! And they are so reasonably priced! You can easily fill up your cart with all the different kinds. These are the ones I chose...aren't they fab!!!? I am using the peppermint ones as a tag topper on my Christmas treats for neighbors and the wood ones I adorn cards, make hair pins for my girls and I even have plans for the flower one to become a ring! I wish I had the projects complete before posting, but I had to share this find with you! Go take a look...I hope you will be as excited as I was. 

Oh and the store...it's called "Lots of Buttons". Cute and perfect name for a button store, huh?  Click on the image below to go there.

Have fun!!!

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